Instant Payment Forwarding enables you to create forwarding addresses to any destination of your choice. watches for new incoming payments to the forwarding address created for you, and as soon as a payment is received, it immediately gets forwarded to the destination address you chose when creating the forwarding address.

Our forwarding addresses require a single signature for withdrawals, and this single signature comes from a single private key generated uniquely for every new forwarding address you create. When you create a new forwarding address, we provide you with the forwarding address' private key in case of emergencies.

Please note that all forwarded payments will incur the minimum Network Fees required by their respective networks.

Create a Payment Forwarder

Allows you to create a new payment forwarding address, and returns its private key in Wallet Import Format. The private key will not be made available after this initial API call, so please make sure to save it somewhere safe.

The payment forwarding API calls are only available through a stand-alone module of (i.e., instead of due to security reasons.

You can create a new forwarding address below, and test it out by sending coins into the forwarding_address. You should see coins forwarded to the destination address (to_address you specified) almost immediately.

Create a new forwarding address

API KEY: (Your API Keys are in your Wallet)


If successful, you will receive a response in the following format, where to_address is the address you want payments forwarded to:

  "status" : "success",
  "data" : {
    "network" : "BTCTEST",
    "forwarding_private_key" : "cVSycSua3akbKpYmqCNhzBAvZLBpB2fezeTbNsre6o...His2Lve",
    "forwarding_address" : "mnMoV6HWJQVYX7sXLUJZvbBtx...vCcMTH",
    "to_address" : "2N5tW7mqZCPTgNacPWsfJNBaSxre...ejp3"


Please note that payment forwarding addresses require you to trust that will forward payments from the address. While this is a sub-optimal situation, we recognize there are usecases where single-signature addresses are required by some of our developers/users. For instance, some widely used Bitcoin wallets do not support MultiSig addresses, which are used by default at for your security. If you need to receive payments from these wallets' users, it is necessary for you to provide them a single-signature payment address -- i.e., you can use a payment forwarding address.

The ideal case for forwarding payments is where only you can move funds out of an address. You can achieve payment forwarding using MultiSig addresses as follows:

  • 1. Create a new address using the get_new_address API call. This will create a new Green Address at for you.
  • 2. Create a realtime notification (Web Hook) for this address using the create_notification API call. will use this method to inform you when a payment has been received at the given address, and when that payment reaches a certain number of confirmations to become spendable.
  • 3. Withdraw the coins from the given address to a destination address of your choice using the withdraw_from_addresses API call.

The above method guarantees you are in control of your own funds at all times.